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Hot bikini photos can really create a lasting impression on people’s mind.  If you want to capture men and model scouts’ attention, choosing the right swimwear is an important key.  Some people believe that all it takes to become a hot magazine cover girl is having luscious curves.  Although a sexy body is very important, what you wear is equally important as well.  Aside from the cut of the bikini, the color, design, and type of material also have an impact on how you will look.

Different colors, prints, and patterns

Your two-piece comes in various different designs.  Among the most popular ones are floral and animal patterns and striped bikinis.  Although, some are not aware of it, these images help create an impression on the viewer.  The bright floral patterns render a soft personality to the wearer.  It can also create a girly and flirty vibe.  Exotic prints, such as zebra skin and palm trees may give a “wild” and “hot” impression.  These styles are ideal if you have that exotic aura.  Big stripes are also great because it can give a bolder appeal, and at the same time it can be used to enhance your assets and hide your weak points.  If you don’t want printed beachwear, you can still look dashing in plain ones.  The impact of wearing a plain bathing suit depends on the color of the material.  For a more daring outfit, flaming red is ideal.  To achieve the classic elegance, black swimwear is the best option.  A bright and colorful swimsuit, on the other hand, can make you appear outgoing and fun-loving.

Various types of materials

Bathing suits also come in various types of materials.  Like the colors, patterns, and prints, the fabrics can also influence your overall appearance.  Velvet is one of the materials that could make you look hot and sexy.  Sheer fabrics are also popular materials.  These fabrics are very light, and because of their somewhat see-through effect, wearing suits made of such materials can be a tease.  There are also sheer fabrics that are not see-through, but can allow a more thorough tanning of your whole body.  Just like the see-through sheer fabric, the latter can cling to the body like a second skin.  Some fashion experts recommend lace as the best material to make you look really sexy, especially if you are a full-figured woman.  Some pieces also have beads and glittering add-ons that could also make you stand out from the crowd.

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