Bikini Modeling

Bikini modeling can be a daunting field to get into, and knowing where to start can sometimes be the hardest part. A lot of models get their start in local bikini competitions and then move up to the amateur and then professional level competitions at the national level. This is a great way to get endorsements and larger modeling contracts, but it is also a huge time and lifestyle commitment. The other side of bikini modeling is modeling for the design houses that make bikinis or the retailers that sell them.

bikini modeling

I recently had the opportunity to observe a bikini photo shoot on the beach. As an older woman who has done modeling, as well as assisted with hair and make-up for runway shows, this was interesting because I was allowed to view it from an entirely different perspective. Being behind the scenes on a shoot was a lot different than I expected. Oh, I have done my share of photo shoots, infomercials and print ads, but never at the level of this professional undertaking.

The girls were, of course, beautiful and young, with great hair and gorgeous complexions to say the least about their bodies. What seemed really interesting was how relaxed they all were; as if they had been doing this for ten to fifteen years. Most of them didn’t look that much older than that. I remember thinking that when I was their age I sort of fell into it. I didn’t really have a great passion for it and it actually made me feel a little self conscious and embarrassed which is most likely why I didn’t do anything much with it even when I got a little more mature and decided to actually give it a serious shot. By then I had modeled for a lot of photographers who said they loved to shoot me. However, agencies would say “we want more of a girl next door, you’re too high fashion” and the next one would say, “we need a high fashion look, you’re too girl next door.” I guess I got the point.

The girls working this bikini shoot were poised, professional, very sweet and smart. The other positive thing I noticed is that they weren’t anorexic looking waifs, but normal teens and young ladies that took care of themselves inside and out. It’s a tough business to be in with a lot of cut throat completion in the big leagues, but for the ladies I watched, I think they are already a little ahead of the game. If you truly have a passion for it and go at it with the right attitude, you can make a great career out of bikini modeling.