Bandeau Bikini Photos

What makes models in their bandeau bikini photos look sizzling?  You probably ask yourself this question several times.  But aside from this, you may also wonder why a bandeau is a popular beachwear.  There are actually many reasons why the band-like top is an excellent thing to wear to achieve a sultry beachside look.  One of the reasons is that this type of top can enhance the contours of your breasts.  Because this this sits on your chest like a band, it can really emphasize the shape of your breasts.  This swimsuit also makes women with boyish figures appear fuller and voluptuous.  Below are some of the factors that could make this top look fabulous on you.

Bandeau Bikini Photo

Excellent fit

What could make you look sexier than a swimsuit that hugs your body like a second skin? A snugly fitting piece could enhance your bust and could make your waist look thinner as well.  A nicely fitted beachwear would also make you feel comfortable when you move around.  So if you do not want to worry about your bikini accidentally exposing your breasts, make sure that the bathing suit fits you well.

Appropriate bottom

Choosing a bottom is very important.  There are some factors you need to take into account before you buy one.  You have to consider a color that would complement your upper garment.  If you want to draw the eye to your legs or buttocks, make sure to choose a sexy and brightly colored bottom.  You also have to consider the style.  Your choices can include triangle, micro, and thong bottoms.

Flattering color

The color of the beachwear also has an impact on how you look, especially in photos.  There are colors ideal for every body type.  If you are on the voluptuous side, a swimwear with dark colors can make you appear thinner.  However, if you are slender, a swimsuit with bright colors can have a widening effect on your body.  In choosing the color for your top and bottom, you can also consider the flaws that you want to hide or assets that you want to enhance.  If your upper torso is one of your best features for instance, you can emphasize this by shopping for something that has loud colors and patterns.

Interesting prints and designs

The prints on your bikini can also add to your overall appeal.  If you want to create an exotic impression, you have to opt for a two-piece with animal prints or palm tree prints.  For a girly yet flirty look, choose one with floral prints.  To achieve a bold and daring look, you can choose a swimwear with peek-a-boo designs or cuts.